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ICC SRL  2002 ICC SRL  2002 ICC SRL  2002 ICC SRL  2002

        WHY 2CHECKOUT?
      • No Waiting Weeks, Be Live 3 Minutes from Now!!
      • No Term Contracts!
      • No Equipment or Software Needed!!
      • Easy to Use Plug N Play Code!
      • Simple Fee Structure
      • Accept All 4 Major Credit Cards Instantly!
      • Accept Credit Cards 24 - 7
      • Accept Credit Cards From
        Anywhere in the World!
      • Sell Products or Services, Just about Anything!!
      • Recurring Billing Supported!
      • Works with Existing Shopping Carts
      • Instant Sales Notification!
      • Great for Simple or Complex Sites
      • Comprehensive Account Management Tools
      • Safety and Security
        LOW COST
      • $49 Merchant Account Setup Fee 
      • $0.45 per Transaction
      • 5.5% of Transaction Amount
      • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
      • No Application Fees!
      • No Monthly Fees!!
      • No Statement Fees
      • No Gateway Fees!
      • No Leases!!
      • No Maximums or Minimums
      • Use Our Secure Server FREE!
      • FREE Direct Deposit of Funds into ANY US or Canadian Bank Account
      • FREE Check Payment or Low Cost Wire to Non US Bank Accounts
      • FREE Shopping Cart!
      • FREE Code For Your Site
      • FREE Tech Support!
      2CheckOut offers our customers the ability to easily and securely accept credit card payments from their customers in real time over the Internet.   You don't need to spend the time and money to set up your own secure server and transaction software. You can sell goods, services, e-products and memberships, just about anything online!

      How does it work?

      At its simpliest you just enter your products or services into our data database and add the buttons or links are automatically created for you to your site.   When your buyers click on the links to pay, 2CheckOut handles the transaction and deposits the money into your account.

      It's just that easy!!

      How fast can I get up and running?

      1. You can be receiving live orders within the hour!! Click here to activate and account using our online form. No long forms to fill out and mail, contracts to sign, etc. Your account will be live and ready to process credit cards immediately!!

      2.* Next add products/services and prices to your customer account so that buttons and links can be automatically created for you.

      3.* Then place the buttons or links on your web site and you're ready go.

      That's all it takes for you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments for your goods and services.

      *Other options exist, such as using our free Perl shopping cart or other third party product or shopping cart.

      How do I fill orders?

      As soon as your customers place an order you will receive detailed order information via email.

      Detailed records of each transaction are also stored on our servers and can be accessed by you to fill, track and manage orders.

      What does it cost?

      There is a 1 time only set up fee of $49.00, after that you only pay for sales, sell nothing, pay nothing.

      2CheckOut collects a 5.5% commission on each sale plus a $0.45 charge per sale.

      There are no leases, no monthly fees, no application fees,no gateway fees,no additional card company or third party charges and no statement fees!!

      How do I get paid?

      Each accounting period is 15 days in length.   A new period begins every 1st and 16th day of each month.

      All transactions that occur within this period will be processed, and payment will be electronically deposited directly to your personal or business bank account as follows:

      • Payment for orders shipped between the 1st and the 15th of the month will be dispersed on or about the 16th of that month.
      • Payment for orders shipped between the 16th and the end of the month will be dispersed on or about the 1st of the following month.

      * Accounts with larger sales volumes ( over $1,000 a week ) can qualify for weekly transfers.

      What types of products and services can be sold?

      Click Here to view Eligible products and services.

      Who is eligible to participate?

      You can use 2CheckOut if :
      • You maintain a Web site(s), containing complete marketing, advertising, and product information.
      • Your orders will be entered by your customer through email links or your website.
      • Your offering meets our Eligible Offerings Requirements.
      Have More Questions? Perhaps our FAQ can help.

      Click here to activate your account immediately!

      ICC SRL - Via Curiel, 45 Terzo Di Aquileia (UD) Italy - Phone +39 0431 30514 / Fax 0431.370507
      P. I.V.A.  00973710304 - R.I. UD  129 - 8882   Email:

      © Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. Reproduction or copying of images is prohibited.